Why Choose Us

Quality space for quality work.

We offer our members the ability to collaborate with and contribute to the creativity of the Seattle entrepreneurial landscape. Unlike other coworking spaces, Orange Studios offers a convenient eastside location, a beautiful collaborative space and a simple three tiered membership plan which allows you to work on your terms. We also offer quality startup services such as introductions to funding sources and networking events within the Seattle startup community and overall a thriving entrepreneurial and social community.

  • Interact with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Create new ideas in a beautiful collaborative space
  • Be inspired by teamwork

Company Goals

Helping people achieve their goals is our mission here at Orange Studios.

Goal #1 50 Innovators form companies
Goal #2 25 companies create marketable prototypes
Goal #3 15 innovators secure first round financing

Faces of Orange Studios

Bryan Baker

"A new vision for the startup & small business community."

Personally, I am excited for the opportunity to be engaged with the development of Orange Studios. The start-up ecosystem and small business community on the Eastside of the Puget Sound is scarce. Orange studios is a great step in the right direction.

Orange Studios provides an innovative workplace environment, an opportunity to network and make the necessary connections in a professional, fun and communal way, with a focus on developing a platform that involves small businesses supporting other small businesses.

I look forward to standing alongside Orange Studios and witnessing a new vision for the startup & small business community to be developed within the Eastside.

Anthony Tsim

"To form a sustainable startup community on the Eastside of Puget Sound area."

With the growing popularity of co-working spaces and community business networking, Orange Studios enables entrepreneurs to mingle, share and expand the startup community and small business ecosystems.

Orange Studio’s goal is to increase breadth and depth of the ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs and mentors, improving access to resources and education, creating events and activities that cultivate the startup and small business community.

I am very excited to be part of the community and the on-going effort to form a sustainable startup community on the Eastside of Puget Sound area.


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